The Evolution of

Pixel Aided Creative:

Print Design

593 A.D. first printing press is invented in China

Corporate Identity

April 1, 1976,
one of our favorite brands,
Apple Computer Inc., is founded.

Web Design

August 6, 1991 the first, ever, website goes live.


1998, Final Cut Pro, our key multimedia tool, is introduced for the first time.


2006, Pixel Aided Creative begins helping clients identify their specific needs in order to help them maximize their brand, thus resulting in saving time and money.

The History of our Industry:

Withstanding the test of time, the concepts of marketing and branding have been around for centuries. Branding can actually be traced back to family crests, flags, and heraldic banners, which were used in medieval battles. As years passed, mediums and methods have been modified. These industries have been cultivated into a massive field that uses an amalgamation of art and science to help a business stand apart from the crowd.
Pixel Aided Creative creates a cohesive look that will brand your company in the mind of your customers. This involves creating a look that will allow you to maintain visual continuity. We achieve this by selecting a complimentary color palette, typefaces, imagery, and layouts that are fresh and lasting.
Web presence is key to the success of any business and we cover all aspects of design and programming capabilities. If a website is not user-friendly, or worse, nonexistent, it can be devastating to a company. Pixel Aided Creative stays up-to-date with the latest in user interface design, xHTML, and CSS development. This way we can assure your web presence will be on the leading edge of the latest Internet technologies.
This is what we, at Pixel Aided Creative, refer to as the research and planning phase. After careful analysis of your company’s current standing, we research current trends that may be beneficial to your company’s success. We then compile the data to create an exceptional marketing campaign to suite your individual needs.
Pixel Aided Creative designs print materials that pop. If it can be printed we can design it, here are just a few examples of printable materials: marketing collateral, billboards, advertisements, t-shirts, promotional gifts, etc.
Pixel Aided Creative offers a host of multimedia services. From video editing to interactive DVDS to Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, we do it all.
We seriously kick ass!

Your Future with Pixel Aided Creative:

Pixel Aided Creative is dedicated to creating a future with you and for you. Should you choose to work with us, we can ensure that you’ll be provided with reliability, professionalism, knowledgeable advice, meticulous attention to detail, and custom pieces that accurately represent your company.

Good working relationships are the lifeblood for every company, and we don’t take that lightly. Pixel Aided Creative helps your company become a top of mind reference with design forward thinking and clear and concise messages that carry through to what we create for your company.

Since this industry is constantly evolving, Pixel Aided Creative has to keep abreast of the current technology and trends available on the market. We accomplish this by reading highly regarded trade publications, white papers, and attending elite workshops/seminars.

After all, this is not just what we do for a living, it’s what we live to do!